Throwback Thursday | The Things You Find in a MX Man Cave…

By Billy Rainford

I’ve made the drive from London to Ottawa and am staying with the Reece Family in Orleans, just east of the city. First off, thank you for the hospitality and great conversation. #494 Thomas Rendall even made me some breakfast this morning! Not to mention the ultra-fancy coffee that Jen Rendall brought over to my DMX World HQ Mobile Unit (the bench seat from either a van or a pick-up truck in the garage) a while earlier.

Reece Rendall and I have been sitting in their garage/man cave/memorabilia centre all morning checking out some of the treasures he had enough foresight to hold on to all those years ago. We’re about the same age, so the things that are classic to him are also classic to me.

We’re not getting anything real done this morning.

Have a look at a couple of these things and see if you’re old enough to remember them or young enough to realize how amazing the 1980’s were. We do.

1986 Eastern Ontario Motocross Association awards banquet program. Kevin Tyler with 2nd place in the Schoolboy 80 B class!
Not only is this an old sticker of Johnny O’Mara
…but it’s also a postcard!
I’ve got a first volume of the Motocross Journal from 1995 and a 2000 TransWorld Motocross in my lap while Reece is looking at a first volume Supermotocross Magazine from 1987!
But the “piece de resistance” is the this spread of old school cool stuff from the 1980’s. Face guards, Oakley Factory Pilots, FrogSkins, and a T-shirt from the 1986 New York State Championships at Broome-Tioga that I actually raced at! Amazing stuff.

Thanks for this walk down memory lane, Reece. We’re supposed to be out on a cycle through the Gatineau region across the river from here, but the rain has put a halt on those plans.

Let’s just hope this weather is gone by this weekend for Round 4 of the Rockstar Triple Crown Tour MX Nationals at Sand Del Lee. Nobody wants another mudder!

Now, what’s in that drawer over there, Reece…