Tough Start to the Supercross Season for Partzilla/PRMX

By Billy Rainford

Heading into the 2022 Monster Energy AMA Supercross season, the Canadian Partzilla/PRMX team was looking good with a very solid roster of riders set to compete on both sides of the country.

Unfortunately, 450 rider #46 Justin Hill has sustained an injury heading in and won’t be able to race. The team had journeyman racer Scott Champion set to sub in, but while shaking down the bike at Viney Ranch on Friday, the California rider had a shoulder pop out on him taking him out of contention.

On tech inspection/Media Day Friday at Angel Stadium of Anaheim, COVID testing took #85 Hunter Sayles out, as well as a handful of other riders in the pits.

What this means is that #388 Brandon Ray will be the only rider on the track for the team today at A1 for round 1.

Tough luck for Julien Perrier and his team. We’ll keep an eye on the situation as we move forward with the season, set to hit Oakland next Saturday.