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Walton Raceway is open this weekend for Open Practices on both the main track and pee wee track.

Friday, June 4 – 4:00pm-9:00pm
Saturday, June 5 – 10:00am-5:00pm
Sunday, June 6 – 10:00am-5:00pm

Seasonal Overnight Parking passes are available. Rates are the same for 2021 as they were in 2020. Click the link below for full details.



Walton One
July 1-4, 2021
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in response to many great questions that have been asked about who is allowed at Walton One Canada Day National – what’s what:

Currently, we are allowed to open under existing guidelines that allow off-roads trails, bicycle trails, BMX parks, archery parks, walking trails etc to operate. Gopher Dunes in Courtland, Motopark in Chatsworth, Swiona Mx Park in London, Track15 in Woodstock, and Sand Del Lee Mx Park in Ottawa have all opened safely now. We will be open for practice this coming weekend.

June 14, 2021: Ontario moves to Stage 1 of Ontario’s Road to Reopen — which includes Motorsport Parks opening for normal business with reasonable safe distance restrictions (always). Anyone racing and their support team, participating media, participating sponsors, race day officials and race day staff fall under this.

Recreational camping on provincial and private land opens in the Province of Ontario in Stage 1. We will be offering recreational camping spots in the West Pit area, including trackside camping for the Walton One Weekend. NO motorcycles are allowed on the Westside pits, just camping parking. We are blessed with an abundance of space and a proven ability to manage people safely. Recreational camping spaces will be open to anyone and will have the provincially mandated restrictions implemented.

All registration and reservations will be online on June 7th.
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Friday, July 2, 2021

Ready to bring in new form racing to the motocross weekend? The new TRUE NORTH UTV – Cross will be part of the Walton One Race Weekend. A purpose-built track and what is known as the Mudbog area will give everyone some excitement at night during Walton One.

UTVs, like motocross bikes, are the perfect platform for both novice and experienced off-road racers. For those who already have or are racing, UTVs make for an awesome class to join because of the exposure, sponsor support and competition. For those who are new, it’s great for all of the previously mentioned benefits but nothing makes it easier than for the simple reason of accessibility in purchasing the machine that is ready to compete—like motocross.

Racing is about passion, fun, family and friends. Off-road racing is unlike any other sport in the world and doing it in a UTV is the best and most affordable way you can get out there and bang doors on four wheels. Join us for WaltonOne and have some fun!

These rules have been adopted from the Canadian SnoCross Racing Association. They are great people who shared them with us. 

UTV RACING INFO 2021UTV RACE CLASS INFO:   Walton One will include (2) UTV Racing classes  

Production 0-1000cc:

Maximum Width is 64” or OEM specification for make model and year.       
Production 1000cc Turbo:Maximum Width OEM specification for make model and year.Competitors will compete in double elimination format each race. 

UTVs must be commercially available 0-1000cc maximum engine displacement.
– Engines may be modified but must run on commercially available automotive fuel with no Ethanol, and no performance enhancing additives.
– Fuel Options: Esso 91, Canadian Tire 91, Shell 91, Sunoco Race Fuel.
– Must have original OEM Roll Cage or better.
– Aftermarket commercially available brakes are permitted.- Aftermarket doors and panels including roof are permitted.
– OEM Fuel tanks, lines, fuel filler, filters and components may not be altered, or relocated.
– Suspension geometry including width, must remain OEM for the make model and year of UTV.
– Aftermarket shocks may be used but may not exceed OEM shock length.
– Racers must wear a Snell 2015 or ECE 22.05 approved helmet and eye protection.
– Must have a 4 – 5 or 6 point restraint harness.
– Must use side safety window nets on both sides.
– The UTV must be equipped with a OEM or commercially available silencer.
– Tires must be commercially available. Maximum diameter is 32” inches outside diameter.
– Rims: Bead lock bolts must be recessed and not protrude past the face of the ring.
– Traction products / are not permitted.
– Fire Extinguisher: Must be fully charged and securely fastened in the rear area of the UTV.  
– Racer numbers must be a minimum of 8” High on both sides of the UTV.
– Age requirements are 16+ racers under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian on-site. 

Untitled-6.pngThe Road to Walton starts today.⁠⁠

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