Zach Ufimzeff Mini O’s Crash Injury Update

By Billy Rainford

#44 Zach Ufimzeff from Lake Country, BC was at the 2022 Mini O’s at Gatorback to race the Pro Sport classes. Unfortunately, he was sick during the week and wasn’t really up to the challenge but still lined up and did his best. He was starting to feel better for the final motos on Saturday when he was hit from the left side by a falling rider heading into turn 1 and crashed heavily.

Here’s the crash:

As you can see, he hit his head and body pretty hard and stayed on the ground for a couple minutes before getting up and walking over to the inside of turn 1 where his dad was waiting.

He must have been feeling better pretty quickly because he said something that had the medic laughing hard as they walked across the track:

We spoke with Zach after he returned home to BC and was able to get himself checked out:

Hey, Billy. I went to physical therapy today and there’s nothing major, just banged up. Got a minor AC joint sprain in my shoulder and an aggravated muscle in my side making it hard to breathe or move. It’s called the serratus posterior inferior and is connected to the bottom of your ribs. I’m sore and a little slow going but will be 100% in no time.” ~ Zach

Good news because that was a pretty hard hit.