Faces at the Races | Canadian SX Rounds 1 and 2 | Race Tech

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

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It’s time for a sarcastic and sometimes even informative ‘Face at the Races‘ column from rounds 1 and 2 of the Canadian Triple Crown Series SX at Gopher Dunes.

[WARNING: I probably should have eaten before doing this column. I think my blood sugar must have been low…or high. Which one is the bad one???]

Cale Foster buying 2 tickets to Faces at the Races from a scalper near the stage on Saturday.
Daryl Murphy making sure everyone is ready before we get rolling.
Paul Kingsley making sure his shoes are on the correct feet and tied at just the right looseness.
Nico Hebert warming up so he doesn’t pull a funny bone when he reads this amazing column.
Dan Piccolo wondering if I’m going to actually start this column or continue to just talk about starting…
Donk knows better than to hold his breath.
I waited around to get an interview with Sam Cannella but he was always busy. Next time, Sam.
If you ever beat Ross Pederson in a race, hair lines up.
If you ever beat Scott Russell in a roundy round, hands up. Can someone verify this for me?
If you like green olives and mushrooms on your pizza like Claire Sanayei does, go on, git!
I have no sarcasm for these two. They have the best coffee and grub in the pits and I’m sure my welcome in the pit is tenuous enough as it is!
Let’s get our goggles set and drop the gate on this column. It has to start some time!
Or does it? “Oh, come on!” says Tanner Ward.
There were two red plates in the 250 class for round 2 as Marco Cannella and Tyler Gibbs traded wins on Friday. Well, the fronts were red at least.
With all the bulldozing, Dylan Kaelin fell behind on his right-swiping.
Ha ha, right-swiping. Good one, eh Westen? Private Atlanta joke…
Seth Hughes sorting the recyclables in the True North pits.
“If you look wayyy over there, you’ll find some humour in these captions…”
“Did he say over there? He meant wayyy over there.”
“Nope, the first guy was right, it’s over there.”
Thanks, Zeb Dennis, that was a mic drop caption sequence.
Julien Perrier disagrees.
Darien Sanayei needs help loosening up after laughing so hard at this column.
Cole Thompson was nearly brought to tears!
Flag on the play! Julien disagrees again.
Sam Gaynor thinks about something boring like baseball or country music to stop from cracking up.
“Did he just make fun of country music?!”
“Oh snap, he also made fun of baseball!”
Colton Facciotti remembers the days when he’d have to go out on a freshly watered SX track and is happy to be standing on the grassy knoll.
I used to race the guy on the right and now I stand around and laugh with the guy on the left. The Zeccas are good people.
Thanks for the support, Casey Keast, that was a good one.
I hear the perogies were delicious.
No offence to anyone else, but this stretch is about as hard as Cole Thompson has to work on a Supercross track. The guy is that good out there. (That one was for Jeff McConkey)
I had to jump up and hold my camera over the fence to capture all these Schusters.
Remember this photo in a few years…
Don’t worry, guys, I’m almost out of snappy lines.
Nobody seems to be upset about that.
“Yes, he’s finished!”
Only Craig Rendall wants me to keep going, but I have to go make some sarcastic dinner now. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you at the races…