Frid’Eh Update # 36 Presented by Club MX

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

#36 Davey Fraser.

Week #36 belongs to Halifax, NS’s, Davey Fraser | Spikman photo

Welcome to week #36 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update Presented by Club MX. It’s had to believe the Pro outdoor season is over in Canada, but it’s true. The Rockstar Energy MX Nationals are done and the Parts Canada Walton Pro Open has also come and gone for its inaugural year. So what’s left, you ask? Lots.

#36 for the 2016 season was one of the most popular riders to throw a leg over a dirt bike. Halifax, NS’s Davey Fraser is a down-to-earth guy, a hard worker, and therefore a crowd favourite. With an additional round added to the Maritime schedule, Davey felt the love from the crowd even more than usual.

We grabbed him for a quick chat today to talk about his season and what the future holds for 2017 #21. Here’s what he had to say:

Davey Fraser 2007

Let’s see what 2016 Davey Fraser had to say (This is a shot of the 2007 version) | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hello, Davey. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. Let’s start by asking you about the 2016 season. You wound up 9th in the MX2 class with a bunch of 7th overalls. How was the series from your perspective?

Davey Fraser: Hey billy, the season went pretty well. I had some good rounds and a couple that weren’t great. I had 5 DNF’s this season which hurt the end result but that sort of thing happens. I’d say my best round was Pleasant Valley. Not only because I had good results but because the support I had from the hometown crowd was unreal!

There were 2 rounds out in your neck of the woods this year. How did they go for you, and did you feel more hometown support there?
Having the 2 rounds close to home was awesome in more ways than one. Like I said, the crowds were great but it also made the travel part easier for me. I even got to sneak a week of work in.
What was your favourite track to race this year?
I’d say my favourite racetrack was probably Ulverton. The track layout with the hills is pretty awesome.
You raced the Husqvarna 250 2-stroke all summer. Do you feel that was an advantage? Would you do that again?
I think the 2-stroke is an advantage for me because I’m able to be competitive on a stock bike. I don’t think it’s the fastest bike out there but it also doesn’t have $20 000 into it. I’d do it again, for sure. I have fun riding the 2-stroke.
20160731- Davey Fraser

Davey is a crowd favourite wherever he goes | Bigwave photo

Speaking of that Husky, are we allowed to talk about the fact that it was a 2014 model? Can you explain the situation?
Yeah, I was on ’14. It was a new leftover that Freedom Cycle had. Same bike as a ’16, just different forks.
You had one round I’m sure you’d like to not count. Can you tell us what happened at Gopher Dunes? (40-DNF)
I had an air filter issue. Bike sucked some sand in the morning and then only made it 5 laps into moto 1. That’s the hard part about doing the whole series on 1 bike.
You famously pulled a holeshot at River Glade a few years ago and gave a fist pump down the start straight. You did it again this year at Deschambault. Has this become your trademark and will you now have to do it every time you get the holeshot?
(Laughs) Well, it was too easy at Deschambault with a jump right there. There are some tracks that would be a little trickier but I’ll always give it my best!
How did you like the series going back to RJ’s in Barrie? Was it good to end the series there?
I actually raced there at the national in ’04 as an Intermediate. Mind you, my memory isn’t that good so it felt like a first time for me. I wasn’t sure what to think when I got there Friday and the place was dry as a desert. But the weather man helped us out and the track was great for racing on Sunday. I enjoyed it and had fun.
Then you stayed west and raced the TransCan and the Pro Open. Can you tell us how the week went for you?
I’m glad I stayed. It was a fun, relaxing week. They got crazy amounts of rain and the track stayed great all week, thanks to the track crew. Sunday seemed a little disorganized but that’s too be expected with a first-time event. At the end of the day, I think it all went good.
What have you been up to since then?
I just got back into the work life this week.
What are you plans for the rest of the summer/fall?
My plans are too keep working. And I’m currently working on a deal with Kourtney Lloyd at Cycle North to do some Arenacross races.
Are you planning on hitting the entire series again in 2017?
No idea what next year will bring, yet. It would be fun to do it all again but that’s still a long time away so we’ll have to wait and see what comes up.
20160723-Davey Fraser

Where will the carpenter be next summer? It’s tough to say, but he may just hit the road again! | McConkey photo

Can you tell us what you do for work and what your daily work routine is?
I’m a carpenter. I do mostly residential work. I’m currently building a scoring tower for a track near my house. Just living the normal life now…get up, work, sleep and repeat.
OK, we’ll let you get back at it. but first, who would you like to thank?
I’d like to thank everyone who helped make this year possible. Dave Butler was the biggest part in making it all a reality and it wouldn’t have happened without him. Randy at Freedom Cycle was another big help. All the people along the way that gave me a place to stay or a cooked meal, thank you.
Good luck, Davey. Hopefully, we’ll see you out at a Future West Arenacross round or two!


Week #36 is brought to you by Club MX in Chesterfield, SC. If you’re starting to think about your winter training plans, Club MX is a great place to start…and finish.

Jeff McConkey

Hey, guys. Summer is almost over and pretty soon we’ll be counting down until the Arenacross season and then Supercross. It’s kind of sad, but on the other hand we still have the two American GP races, and of course the Motocross Des Nations.  Finally, Canada is going back, and we are sending a pretty solid team.

Ironman MX

As a Canadian fan, you have got to be really excited to have seen Kaven Benoit‘s performance this past weekend at the last AMA National of the year. Kaven headed down to Crawfordsville Indiana and tried his hand against the greatest in the world. I also made the trip South to take in the action. Going into the Ironman Mx race, we had 3 full Canadians racing and one half Canadian in Cade Clason from Redemption Racing. MX101 Yamaha’s Dylan Wright and Big Steel Box KTM’s Shawn Maffenbeier hopped into the super-competitive 250 class. We all know horsepower is key in this class and it’s a 28-30 minute sprint. There’s no down time in this class as everyone assumes they are the next big thing and they are willing to hold it pinned no matter what.

#926 Kaven Benoit.

#926 Kaven Benoit’s performance at Ironman MX was impressive | McConkey photo

How do I think our guys did? I think they both performed well. Dylan and Shawn are different riders and are at different points of their careers. Dylan was able to go down and hang it out within reason. Shawn, on the other hand, had the Des Nations in the back of his head, and really never got completely comfortable. I totally understand why Shawn backed it down and kept it safe. Being picked for Team Canada is a huge achievement in itself, and you may not get that call ever again.

20160820-Shawn Maffenbeier

Shawn Maffenbeier will now get ready to represent Canada at the MXON in Italy along with Tyler Medaglia and Kaven Benoit | Bigwave photo

All in all, I give all 3 of our guys credit for going down and racing with the best. Some Canadians think racing 10 rounds is enough, and actually feel like they are burnt out and need a break after the season. Sure, the travel and the grind are tough, but so is working a regular job. I’d really wish more guys would go all in, and really put in the effort now. You don’t want to look back and think you missed your opportunity. Racing motocross at the Pro level and as your “job”  has a very short window, and before you know it…there’s already a new face ready to steal your thunder and everything you have worked so hard to get.

Silly Season


Silly season is here. This is the time of year where contracts are expiring and riders are switching teams, bikes and gear. There is also a lot of uncertainty. Will the support be there from the manufacturers? A few of the big names in Canada have question marks. One of the biggest would have to be Jeremy Medaglia. What happens to Jeremy next? This guy has wins and podiums in both classes, and is still relatively young. The problem is that Jeremy has already been with most of the teams in Canada, and not every relationship has ended well. We have seen Jer line up on every brand except Husky over the years. He has been a contender and a podium threat every time on the line and in both classes. So what happens next? Where does Jeremy go?

20160605 Jeremy Medaglia

What does Jeremy Medaglia do next? | Bigwave photo

Kaven Benoit is the hot commodity in the MX1 class. KTM would be crazy not to try and lock this guy in long term. The next big question is, where does Cole Thompson go? Does Cole stick around in MX2 and defend his title, or does he move back up and take a run at a MX1 crown? GDR Honda has Colton Facciotti signed already, but currently does not have a MX2 guy. Do they go after Cole? Dylan Wright, Shawn Maffenbeier, and Jess Pettis are the top Canadians at the moment in the MX2 class. It’s a really tough call for any team manager. Plus, we don’t know if teams like GDR are under contract to carry Canadians only, or if they are allowed to sign Americans. If that’s the case, you know with the limited amount of rides in the US that there will be a ton of guys calling for the very few rides we have up here. Either way, Derek Schuster, Jason Hughes, Kevin Tyler, and JSR have a long winter ahead of them. I definitely wouldn’t want to be in their shoes for this.

20160626-Shawn Maffenbeier

Maffenbeier, Cole Thompson, Dylan Wright, and Jess Pettis are 4 Canadian riders who every team will be taking a long, hard look at during this silly season | Bigwave photo

MMRS Madoc National

After the Ironman MX, I hopped back on the highway and made the 10-hour drive home. Around Toledo, Ohio, I was feeling pretty good still so I made the text to Bigwave asking him to pick me up on his way past my house to the MMRS National in Madoc, Ontario, on Sunday. With maybe an hour of sleep tops, Billy was at my door ready to go. We made the 1.5 hour drive and prepared for John and Jean Maguire‘s 6th annual Madoc National. This event has thrown a ton of cash at the Pros and amateurs over the years and Billy and I wanted to show our support. The entire Madoc town opens its arms to the racers and their families, and it really makes for a great event.

20160828- John Maguire

John and Jean Maguire put on another great event at the 6th Annual MMRS Madoc National last weekend | Bigwave photo

There was a bit of a drought leading into the event, and it made the conditions a little drier than some would have liked. My one big complaint with the event was how fast and scary the track was. Myself personally would love to see the track get a lot more technical and rough to slow the riders down. Other than that, I would give the event 2 thumbs up. The riders proved that it is a ‘can’t miss’ event with well over 600 entries for the 2 days of racing.

I will be loading up and heading to Motopark this weekend. I will be having some fun riding the new MX32 Pro tire from Pirelli. I haven’t had much time on the tire yet, but I am very impressed with the limited time on this great brand. Good luck to everyone at Baja Brawl, and don’t forget to #smileforBC!


See you at Motopark on my Pirelli MX32 Pros!

Billy Rainford

Thanks, Jeff. Have a great time up at Motopark. Do you know that I first raced there back in 1982?! Yep, I’m that old! Uh oh, I feel a flashback story coming on…

Billy Rainford 1982

Nah, I’ll just bore you with this shot that IS from 1982 and perhaps I was getting ready for a race at Motopark… | Bigwave Sr. photo

MXGP of the Americas | Charlotte, NC


CHARLOTTE (United States of America), 02 September 2016 – Unfortunately the tail end of Hurricane Hermine that hit the Florida state last night has drifted across and caught Charlotte where the penultimate round of the FIM Motocross World Championship was supposed to burst into life tonight. Due to the rain that has fallen and is scheduled to fall throughout the day today, the event management have made the decision to post-pone today’s action, until 1:30pm tomorrow, Saturday 3rd September.

The spectacular man-made track here at The Dirt Track, Charlotte Motor Speedway, has been sealed and covered with plastic in order to protect the dirt. Rain has been forecast all day today, but will stop later this evening. The water will be drained off the track as soon as possible and early tomorrow morning MXGP’s track crew will head out onto the circuit and start turning the dirt over so that the dry soil is on top. The track is expected to be in perfect condition and the weather forecaster is looking bright and sunny, we can all look forward to a brilliant day of action packed motocross.

Due to the change in timetable, there will be no qualifying races tomorrow, only Free Practice and Timed Practice, and then straight into the main events. The Timed Practice sessions will be LIVE on

Also don’t miss the Studio Show with special guests Cooper Webb, Jorge Prado Garcia and Darian Sanayei, LIVE and FREE to view TODAY, Friday 02 September, at 4:45pm local time on

You can view the new time schedule here below:

Saturday: MX2 Free Practice 13:30; MXGP Free Practice 14:05; MX2 Time Practice 14:40; MXGP Time Practice 15:25, MX2 Race 1 17:15; MXGP Race 1 18:15; MX2 Race 2 20:10; MXGP Race 2 21:10.

Entry List (from Racer X):

MXGP Entry List

3 Tomac Eli
9 de Dycker Ken
10 Brayton Justin
11 Bengtsson Filip
12 Nagl Maximilian
15 Wilson Dean
17 Butron Jose
21 Paulin Gautier
22 Strijbos Kevin
22G Reed Chad
23 Charlier Christophe
24 Simpson Shaun
25 Desalle Clement
51 Barcia Justin
73 Barreyra Gaston
77 Lupino Alessandro
89 Van Horebeek Jeremy
92 Guillod Valentin
100 Searle Tommy
124 Harrison Heath
139 LaPorte Nathen
153 Maddii Marco
177 Jasikonis Arminas
222 Cairoli Antonio
243 Gajser Tim
259 Coldenhoff Glenn
278 Anthony Parker
315 Gustavsson Nicklas
391 Olson Connor
400 Yamamoto Kei
461 Febvre Romain
462 Starace Michael
517 Hicks Jared
526 Aeck Colton
595 Benenaula Andres
619 Weishaar Mark
655 Pauk John
777 Bobryshev Evgeny
911 Tixier Jordi
999 Goncalves Rui

MX2 Entry List

6 Paturel Benoit Yamaha FRA FFM Kemea Yamaha Yamalube
10 Vlaanderen Calvin KTM NED KNMV HSF Logistics Motorsport Team
17 Webb Cooper Yamaha USA AMA Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha
18 Brylyakov Vsevolod Kawasaki RUS MFR Monster Energy DRT Kawasaki
21 Hampshire RJ Honda USA AMA
37 Savatgy Joey Kawasaki USA AMA Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki
44 Cianciarulo Adam Kawasaki USA AMA Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki
61 Prado Garcia Jorge KTM ESP RFME KTM Factory Juniors
64 Covington Thomas Husqvarna USA AMA Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing
66 Larranaga Olano Iker KTM ESP RFME Creymert Racing
84 Herlings Jeffrey KTM NED KNMV Red Bull KTM Factory Racing
91 Seewer Jeremy Suzuki SUI FMS Team Suzuki World MX2
98 Vaessen Bas Suzuki NED KNMV Team Suzuki World MX2
99 Anstie Max Husqvarna GBR ACU Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing
120 Lionnet Bradley Kawasaki USA AMA
128 Monticelli Ivo KTM ITA FMI Marchetti Racing Team KTM
140 Root Austin Kawasaki USA AMA
161 Östlund Alvin Yamaha SWE SVEMO Wilvo Standing Construct Yamaha
172 Van doninck Brent Yamaha BEL FMB Kemea Yamaha Yamalube
174 Smith Alfie Yamaha GBR ACU iFly JK Racing
189 Bogers Brian KTM NED KNMV HSF Logistics Motorsport Team
199 Lineman Russell Suzuki USA AMA
214 Forkner Austin Kawasaki USA AMA Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki
216 Martin Vann Honda USA AMA
232 Weltin Marshal Yamaha USA AMA
289 Harrison Mitchell Yamaha USA AMA Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha
321 Bernardini Samuele TM ITA FMI TM Racing Factory Team
359 Rashkov Stoyan Yamaha BUL FMPR Autotrader/Monster Energy/Yamaha/JGRMX
539 Wright Dylan Yamaha CAN CMA
582 Rice Jake Husqvarna USA CMA
991 Lapucci Nicholas Husqvarna ITA FMI NewHolland 8biano Massignani Husqvarna

2016 Vets MXdN | Farleigh Castle – September 3rd and 4th

Rider Entry Lists:

EVO Teams

Team Name Team Manager Rider No Name
Team GB Dave King 1 Neil PRINCE
3 Jamie DOBB
4 Ryan VOASE
Team USA 5 John DOWD
6 Todd DE HOOP
7 Jeff EMIG
Team Belgium Danny Scheers 9 Sven BREUGELMANS
10 David COOLS
11 Jurgen Van NOOTEN
12 Werner DEWIT
Team Wales Shaun Copeman 17 Dai SMITH
18 Shaun COPEMAN
20 Mark JONES
Team Canada Sandy Loutitt 21 Sandy LOUTITT
22 Robin DOHLMAN
24 Randy MacDONALD
Team Munster Ireland Garry Sullivan 33 Mervyn GRIFFIN
34 James SINNOTT
35 Kenny POWER
Team Denmark Per Pedersen 38 Flemming VAD
41 Peter Skov LARSEN
Team Scotland Sean Doherty 49 Gordon MORRISON
50 Alan REID
52 Barry GRAY
Team Netherlands VMCN Bart van Dulmen 53 Thomas ADRIAANSE
54 Richard van DROOGE
55 Martijn van der VEEN
56 Bart van DULMEN
Team Northern Ireland Gordon Croackard 58 Gordon CROCKARD
59 Paul McGUIRE
Team South Africa Gavin Williams 62 Grant Langston
63 Ryan Hunt
64 Andre David
Team Italy Stefano Pecora 66 Franco ULIVI
67 Gianni GISMONDI
69 Cristiano BONACINA
Team Finland Kurt Ljungqvist 70 Kurt LJUNGQVIST
Team Switzerland Stephane Lanzoni 86 Charly TONUS
87 Yan BROT
88 Jean Pierre DUCIMETIERE
Team International Air Hammer Paul Cawsey 110 Dave COUPE
111 Rory O’NEILL
112 Greg CRATER

Twin Shock Teams

Team Name Team Manager Rider No Name
Team Germany Reinhold Kaltenberg 1 Laurent LACASSE
2 Jurgen KUPPERS
Team Suzuki Geboers Belgium Ingrid Geboers 5 Sven BREUGELMANS
8 David COOLS
Team Twinshock UK John Marsh 17 Terry HOUSE
18 Wayne BUTT
19 Pete MATHIA
Team Canada Sandy Loutitt 21 Sandy LOUTITT
22 Robin DOHLMAN
Team Husqvarna International Kris Rosenberger 25 Danny LAPORTE
26 Jon-Eirk BURLESON
27 Robert JONAS
Team Ireland Mossey Drennan 33 George RADLEY
34 Simon COTTER
35 Rory O’NEILL
36 Mossey DRENNAN
Team Belgium WBG William Hacardiaux 38 William HACARDIAUX
39 Bernard ROBERT
40 Bernard STENNIER
41 Gerald WERY
Team Denmark Per Pedersen 42 Per Sadolin PEDERSEN
43 Fuinn Wagner JENSEN
45 Ronnie STORMLY
Team Scottish Twinshock Peter O’Neill 49 Paul CHIAPPA
50 Craig SMITH
51 Tom GRANT
Team Thunder Ireland Tim Mathews 53 Laurence SPENCE
54 Adrian LAPPIN
Team Northern Ireland Richard Murdoch 58 Michael McBRIDE
59 Jonathan McBRIDE
60 William BURGESS
61 Stephen KELLY
Team North of England Andrew Cleaver 62 Mark FULTON
63 Garry JONES
64 Gary PARKER
Team Italy Stefano Pecora 66 Stefano PECORA
68 Gianluca GALLINGANI
69 Pietro PARDINI
Team Switzerland Stephane Lanzoni 86 Stephane LANZONI
88 Olivier THIERRIN
89 Bruno DESAIRE

To follow along with the action, click their website:

Gopher Dunes Adds an Arenacross Practice Track

14183841_10154466778238571_3256551415804200456_n 14199235_10154466778168571_3022303601360315152_n 14203142_10154466778053571_1754749750814496684_n 14232035_10154466778153571_6806483837170595595_o

From the Gopher Dunes Facebook Page:

Check out our new Arenacross track at the Dunes opening on Tuesday September 6! Check below for our weekly schedule so you know what days you can ride:

Monday, Friday, Sunday – Closed
Tuesday – 50cc to 65cc
Wednesday – 85cc and up
Thursday – Supermini
Saturday – 125cc and up

Firma Firma Firma

Official entry lists for the Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nat Official entry lists for the Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nat Official entry lists for the Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nat Official entry lists for the Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nat

Arenacross Season is Coming!

Future West Moto:

Future West Moto Arenacross Schedule 2016

AX Tour:

2016 AXTour Schedule

2017 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Schedule

Date Venue City
Jan. 7 Angel Stadium Anaheim, CA
Jan. 14 Petco Park San Diego, CA
Jan. 21 Angel Stadium Anaheim, CA
Jan. 28 U. of Phoenix Stadium Glendale, AZ
Feb. 4 O.Co Coliseum Oakland, CA
Feb. 11 AT&T Stadium Arlington, TX
Feb. 18 U.S. Bank Stadium Minneapolis, MN
Feb. 25 Georgia Dome Atlanta, GA
Mar. 4 Rogers Centre Toronto, ON
Mar. 11 Daytona Speedway Daytona, FL
Mar. 18 Lucas Oil Stadium Indianpolis, IN
Mar. 25 Ford Field Detroit, MI
Apr. 1 The Dome at America’s Center St. Louis, MO
Apr. 8 CenturyLink Field Seattle, WA
Apr 22. Rice-Eccles Stadium Salt Lake City, UT
Apr. 28 MetLife Stadium Eas Rutherford, NJ
May. 6 Sam Boyd Stadium Las Vegas, NV

2016 Baja Brawl/WMX Series Round 7

Baja Brawl 2016

The Schedule:

Friday 9/2:
•    9am-6pm- Practice sign-up- $20 per rider/per practice session
•    11am-6pm SLIP N SLIDE Open- No jeans, shoes, buttons, zippers or jewelry
•    11am-6:30pm- Practice
•    4pm-6pm- Mandingo Pickle / Monster Energy wHipster Championship Sign-Up- $20 sign-up fee per ride
•    4pm-9pm- Race Day Sign-Up- $ 60 amateur class/$70 Pro AM/.  LAST 4 DIGITS OF FRAME #  and Transponder # REQUIRED FOR SIGN-UP
•    9pm-10pm- Mandingo Pickle / Monster Energy wHipster Championship

Saturday 9/3:
•    6:30am-7:30am- Race Day Sign-Up – $60 amateur class/$70 Pro AM
•    LAST 4 DIGITS OF FRAME # REQUIRED – Racing begins with Day 1 of 3 (3 Moto Format)
•    7:30am- Mandatory riders meeting @ the starting gate
•    8:30am- Practice-2 laps followed by Day 1 of Amateur Racing  (Note: Not all riders will get 3 motos if a qualifier race is needed)
•    11am-6pm- SLIP N SLIDE Open –  NO jeans, shoes, buttons, zippers or jewelry
•    2pm-6pm- Pit bike race sign-up in Registration – $25 Sign-up per class – AMA membership required
•    NEVER SUMMER PIT BIKE RACES –  7:30pm bike inspection/riders meeting – 8pm practice with racing to follow –
Award presentation at the fire Pit upon completion of races
•    8:15-9:45- Pit Party

Sunday 9/4:
7:30am- Church Service @ MXers for Jesus pit area
•    8:30am- Day 2 of Amateur Racing (Following Pro-AM Practice) – Check race order at the track for Pro-AM race times
•    11am-6pm- SLIP N SLIDE Open –  NO jeans, shoes, buttons, zippers & jewelry
•    4pm-6pm- Side X Side race sign up- $40 – MUST BE 18 or OLDER TO PARTICIPATE
•    Immediately following racing – Side x Side race  class will run the Modified Main Track –  All Side by Side’s must have working seatbelts & roll bar.
No crazy engine mods Please – Suspension mods are allowed.  All drivers must be 18 years of age or older and have a navigator(passenger)
•    7:30pm- Typhoon Tommy Water Show
•    8am-6pm- Belly Floppers Sign-up at Racer Registration OR 7pm-8pm at the Pond
•    8:45pm- FMF “FAT MAN FLYING” BELLY FLOP CHAMPIONSHIP Sponsored by FMF (must be 18 or older to enter) – $500 to win.
Pond Jump with Wes Kain and the Death Mobile AND MORE !!!

Monday 9/5:
•    9:00am- Final Day of Amateur and Pro-AM Racing
•    Baja Brawl Championship Awards given 30 minutes after each moto
•    DUNLOP 1 LAP WONDER AWARD will be given to the winner of the 1st lap in all Championship Classes – Final Moto Only
Go home happy!

WMX Women Pro will compete on SATURDAY ONLY- 2 Moto Format

WMX Point Standings:

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 3.59.07 PM

Have a great Labour Day long weekend, everyone! The days are getting shorter so let’s all enjoy it while we can.

Other things to keep you occupied:

MMRS Madoc NationalPhoto Report

MMRS Madoc NationalFaces at the Races

Ironman MXFaces at the Races

Tailgating with Austin Watling and Tanner Ward


Kaven Benoit

Shawn Maffenbeier

Dylan Wright

(Each raced Ironman MX)