Frid’Eh Update #38 Presented by Gamma Powersports

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

20160731- Jay Burke

Week #38 belongs to one of the hardest working guys in all of moto, Jason Burke | Bigwave photo

Welcome to week #38 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update Presented by Gamma Powersports. It’s funny how the season is supposed to be over and yet we find our selves busier than every each Friday! Having said that, we’re on our way to the Toronto Airport getting set for our flight to Italy to cover Team Canada at the MXON – another busy Friday. This will be a rather short Update, but we’ll do what we can.

Week #38 goes out to one of the hardest working riders in the entire sport, no doubt. Whenever I try to get in touch with Jay Burke, he’s always at the end of a very long work day…or he’s still there going into his 20th hour! No joke. Last year he was Week #43 and we caught him at work, very late.

#38 Jay Burke.

Watch for an interview with Jay here on the site as soon as he comes up for air! | Bigwave photo

When we tried to get in touch with him this year, he was also in the middle of a ton of overtime. In fact, he got back to us this morning and said he got back to work last night at 11 and hasn’t stopped yet! He also mentioned that he was “4 coffees deep already” this morning when we chatted briefly. What I’m trying to say is that we may not have the interview portion from him until after the Update goes live on the site. We will, however, be sure to post our conversation up on its own when we get the chance.

Jay joined the series at round 5 at Gopher Dunes and had his best finish of the season, getting 14th overall there. He did the entire eastern swing and finished 23rd in MX1. He will be #44 in 2017. Here’s a look at his Rockstar Energy MX Nationals season:


20160724 Jay Burke

If you can find a harder working guy, hire him! | Bigwave photo


Week #38 is brought to you by Gamma Powersports and all the lines they distribute. Check ’em out!

Jeff McConkey

MXON | Maggiora, Italy

MXON 2009

We’re going back to Italy! | Bigwave photo

Hey, guys, Happy Friday. Well, it is almost here. The Motocross Des Nations is getting very close and I’m starting to get excited. We didn’t send a team last year, so just to send a well prepared team is a win in itself. We’re not sending our best possible team, but honestly… what country is? Ryan Dungey, Ken Roczen, Eli Tomac and Marvin Musquin aren’t going, to name a few. Two of our best, Colton Facciotti and Cole Thompson, won’t be in Italy this year either. That just means that new people get to step up and  possibly become heroes for their country. We’ve seen it in the past whether it’s been JSR, Blair Morgan, or Colton Facciotti. My pick for this year is obviously Kaven Benoit. This guy just keeps getting better and better each and every time out. With the crew we are sending, the A final is a must, and if everything falls into place, I expect Team Canada to finish anywhere from 11th to 14th.


Go Canada Go!

Canadian AX Tour


The Canadian AX Tour was set to start their season October 1st in Montreal, Quebec. This was a round I was super excited for. Nothing against Ontario or the other provinces, but we all know that the support any motorsport has in Quebec is second to none. The French fans go crazy for any sort of racing, and it’s definitely a shame we won’t be starting the tour October 1st. Life goes on, and so does the series, and we will now be starting in Sarnia, Ontario, on the 8th of October. We’ve gone quite a while in Ontario without any real indoor racing, so I really hope that the fans, the amateur racers and the pro’s make it out and support a great series.



2017 Husqvarna FC450


It’s a girl! Watch for Jeff on this 2017 Husqvarna FC450 this weekend | McConkey photo

This past Wednesday, I made the nice drive East to Montreal. Our good friend Victoria Hett from Husqvarna Canada offered us a chance to put some time on the new 2017 FC 450. I don’t think I have stopped smiling since. I was just reading over some of the highlights and I started giggling like a little girl. Take a look:

-Completely redesigned frame for better handling and feel
-Carbon fiber reinforced composite subframe is 2.2 pounds lighter
-Cast aluminum swingarm for optimal stiffness for improved handling and traction
-WP fully-adjustable rear shock features a larger reservoir consistent performance
-CNC machined triple clamp with rubber damped handlebar mounts for more comfort
-Extremely compact engine design is 2.4 pounds lighter with more horsepower and a 14000 RPM rev-limit
-Gearbox with wider, surface treated cogs and friction reduced forks for improved shifting
-Footpeg design prevents dirt buildup in pivot to ensure proper positioning no matter the conditions
-Pro Taper handlebars with ODI lock-on grips and standard handguards
-GSK brake discs for class-leading Brembo calipers have greater power and control
-Magura hydraulic system and redesigned CSS clutch for perfect modulation and consistent action
-Rear linkage geometry gives improved balance and damping behavior
-Standard map switch with launch control for maximum traction and perfect starts
-More compact 44 mm throttle body with direct connect throttle design
-Lighter electric starter and lithium-ion battery for a 2 pound weight loss
-WP CFD-designed radiators are stronger with a 10% increase in cooling
-Air box design with improved airflow and tool-free air filter access
-Bodywork with completely revised ergonomics for more control and comfort
-WP 4CS front fork settings to match the new chassis characteristics

Now, how amazing does that sound to you? I, personally, cannot wait to ride this thing. The plan is to hit the MMRS practice Saturday at Muttco Mountain and then make the drive to Chatsworth, Ontario, to have some fun at Motopark on Sunday. Add in the fact that Aaron Barsanti from Mica-Sport/Scott-Sport has me hooked up with a set of the new Scott Prospect Goggles, and I’m smiling like it’s Christmas morning. It’s going to be a great weekend and I can’t wait!

Really short for me this week. Be sure to have a look at this weeks ‘Out of the Blue‘ featuring Karly Bussemakers brought to you by the great people at Shrader’s. Have a great weekend and always #smileforBC!

Billy Rainford

I’m trying to type this, pack my Ogio 9800, and check in for my flight all at the same time this morning (OK, now I’m setting this thing live from Pearson International Airport in Toronto). I don’t know why we’ve been busier these past couple Fridays than ever, but I love the fact that there’s still a lot of moto to cover, so that’s a good thing. The only trouble I’m finding is having the time on a Friday morning to put it all together here in the Frid’Eh Update!

We got up to a lot this past week, so let me start by recapping:

Arenacross Practice | Friday Afternoon | Gopher Dunes

By Billy Rainford

As if Fridays aren’t busy enough around Direct Motocross, when we heard Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha rider, Matt Goerke, was going to be testing at the newly-built Arenacross track at Gopher Dunes, we had to be there to check it out. Yes, that’s why the Update was a tad on the ‘brief’ side this week.

Not only was Matt there with Adam ‘Stu’ Robinson and Donk, but young up-and-comer #46 Marco Cannella and #2 Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing’s Colton Facciotti were also going to ride.

Matt is getting ready for his run at the Amsoil AMA Arenacross series that starts in January (and maybe a couple rounds of the Canada AX Tour), Marco is getting ready for either the Canada AX Tour or the Mini O’s, and Colton is just getting back on the bike after his injury suffered in a crash at Pleasant Valley. With only three riders, there was still a lot going on.

Here are a few shots from Friday afternoon in Courtland, Ontario.

20160909- Marco Cannella

The present met the future at the Arenacross practice track at Gopher Dunes Friday afternoon.

20160909- Donk

Donk made another appearance to help the team with their testing.

20160909- Matt Goerke

Matt hopped in the dozer and made another little section with some sandy rollers to lengthen lap times a little.

20160909- Marco Cannella

Marco recently turned 16, so watch for him behind the wheel coming to a practice track near you!

20160909- Adam Stu Robinson

‘Stu’ gets into some suspension work in the trailer.

20160909 Marco Cannella

The track noise is somewhat muffled for the neighbours by high mounds of dirt.

20160909- Marco

Marco watches as Matt finishes up the new section.


Moto Mom Extraordinaire, Salina Cannella, is always there for Marco. I heard Marco’s dad is actually going to line up for the Barrelman Half Ironman in Niagara Falls next weekend, too. Good luck!

20160909- Adam Stu Robinson

Adam gets the measurements just right.


Artsy vice/fork shot.

20160909- Marco Cannella

Marco hit the track on his outdoor suspension.


Matt was impressed with Marco’s tenacity to give the whoops a try with his set up.

20160909- Marco Cannella

Marco looked great out there.

20160909 Marco Cannella

I’m sure his mind was already on the following section…

20160909- Marco Cannella

Marco enters the whoops.





20160909- Marco Cannella

20160909- Matt Goerke

Matt skims the whoops as Adam keeps a close watch on how the suspension reacts.

20160909- Matt Goerke

Supercross/Arenacross whoops is an art form.

20160909 Colton Facciotti

Don’t worry about Colton, he’s got lots of indoor track experience.

20160909- Matt Goerke

Matt gets his nose out over the front.


Look at that technique.

20160909- Colton Facciotti

Classic Colton corner form.

20160909- Matt Goerke

Matt was getting used to being back on the Yamaha 250F.

20160909- Derek Schuster

Derek Schuster built the track. Here he is with his trusty cell phone and Hit Case.

20160909-Colton Facciotti

Eyes forward. Matt commented that Colton came in and just shredded all the ruts on his 450 that he’d been working on.

20160909 Derek Schuster

Derek gets a higher POV.

20160909 Colton Facciotti

Colton blitzes the whoops.



20160909- Marco Cannella

Marco sponged up as much technique from these two as he could. It will pay off. Thanks for allowing us media types on the track Friday, guys. We did a ‘Tailgating with…’ Matt Goerke, too, so watch for that one on Monday.

2016 PR MTL

Shawn Maffenbeier and Josh Snider | Gully Mor 2016

Shawn Maffenbeier wanted to get some more seat time in before heading over to Italy to represent Canada at the 2016 Monster Energy MXON in Maggiora so he and Josh Snider loaded up and headed southwest of London, Ontario, to Gully Mor Moto for an afternoon of riding. I tagged along and put together this little edit.

Tailgating with…Matt Goerke | Scott Motosports | Mica Sport Canada

By Billy Rainford

scott logo


We sit down with Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha rider, Matt Goerke, in the casual setting of the ‘Tailgate’ to chat about his time in Canada and his future.

Royal Distributing Canadian Cross Country Championship West Chi Royal Distributing Canadian Cross Country Championship West Chi

Where It All Began for Me | A Look Back

I tried out a new ‘Magazine Plug In’ for the site and thought I’d use it to write up a little story on how I got into motocross in the first place. We’ll use this format more in the future and will get better at the set up . If you feel like reading about how I got into this mess, check it out:

Where It All Began for Me

On the Radar | Christopher DaSilva

By Billy Rainford

Age: 15
Hometown: St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Quebec
School and Grade: Grade 11 (Sec 5) — St John’s high school
Race Number: 118
Bike: Yamaha YZ250F
Race Club: FMSQ, CMRC, AMO
Classes: MX2 Intermediate, MX3 Intermediate, Schoolboy 2

This week, Quebec Intermediate rider, #118 Christopher DaSilva, is ‘On the Radar.’ | Bigwave photo

How did you get started in racing?
Well, when I was a 1 year old we were going to the races for my brother every weekend, which then I was basically brought up around motocross, and that’s how I got into racing.
What is your favourite track and why?
Deschambault is my favourite track because of all the terrain changes as well because of the sand, and how rough it can get on race day!

“I guess my hero would have to be my dad. Without him I wouldn’t be racing. He’s the best dad anybody could ever ask for.” | Bigwave photo

Who is your favourite rider and why?
My favourite rider would have to be my brother (Michael DaSilva) because he has just influenced me so much and pushed me harder and faster and making me strive to always try and be faster than him. That’s why he’s my favourite rider!
What Canadian Pro do you look up to and why?
A Canadian pro that I look up to is probably Kaven Benoit because he is a Quebec rider that is trying to get the Canadian MX1 title from the top 5/top 10 American riders.
Who is your hero?
I guess my hero would have to be my dad. Without him I wouldn’t be racing. He’s the best dad anybody could ever ask for. He always fixes the bikes when they are broken and manages to work all week long to just give us the opportunity to bring us to the races!

Christopher got his chance to speak to the crowd at the CMRC Motovan Amateur Nationals this year | Bigwave photo

What are your goals for next season?
For the upcoming season, I am aiming at winning the Intermediate classes, and qualifying and doing well at some of the Pro Canadian East Coast Rounds.
What are your biggest accomplishments?
My biggest accomplishments are probably winning the Walton TransCan 3 times, and other Canadian provincial titles, and trying my best every time I suit up and get on a track.
What is your favourite part about going to the races?
My favourite part of going to the races is getting to see my friends interact, and also have the adrenaline going through your body when you hit that start gate.
20160605-Michael DaSilva

Christopher’s favourite rider is his older brother, Michael, for all of his help and positive influence over the years | Bigwave photo

What do you like to do when you aren’t racing?
Well, what I really enjoy doing when I am not racing is having fun with my friends playing video games. Also, I enjoy playing basketball and flag football for my school.
Who would you like to thank?
Vr Medic, Motovan Corporation, Motorsport St Cesar’s, TCX Boots USA, Zox Helmets, Leatt Protectives, Oakley, LIQUI MOLY, MSR, EVO Motosport, Michelin, ODI Grips, A7-All-Star 7, Skullcandy, VR Steve Drive, SMX Motocross, Kutvek Amerika, Allard excavation, Latelier du Quad White Motorsports, Massyf Hydraulique.

Ryan Villopoto Supercross Testing for the AUS-X Open

Future West Arenacross Championships


Ride United Video Available on iTunes and DVD

World FMX Coming to London, Ontario


FMX WORLD TOUR will showcase twelve of the top international pros from the FMX and BMX pro circuit in the 2016 Freestyle Motocross World Tour. The event will take place on Saturday OCT 22ND, 7:30pm at the BUDWEISER GARDENS Arena in London Ontario. The “FMX World Tour” is an extreme action sport competition that was formed to tour USA, Canada, Mexico and select European countries.

Good Luck, Adam Turner from Podium 1 Suspension

Someone bring Adam a coffee today.


OK, that will have to do it for Week #38. We’re under the gun here at World HQ and there’s no way we want to get caught in Toronto traffic, so we’re off to the races! Be sure to check our Twitter @Directmx, Facebook @Direct Motocross, and Instagram @Direct Motocross for updates all next week as we head into the MXON in Italy.

Anyone have any travel suggestions for the north of Italy? Let us know on Twitter! Thanks.

Have a great weekend.


See you at the races… | Bigwave Sr. photo