Help Save Cox Moto Farm

4th Line, Erin, ON N0B, Canada, Erin, ON, Canada, Ontario

A Go Fund Me page has been started to try and save the track in Erin, Ontario. Link to page HERE.

Cox Moto Farm was started to give local riders of all ages a place to ride. We have transformed into a destination for beginner riders and youth riders, as well as riders who have left the sport and now returned. Our tracks are designed to be safe and we encourage enthusiasts to ride here rather than on local roadways and private properties.

Recently we have started the process to legitimize our track under the Town of Erin bylaw and zoning regulations. Through this process we plan to work with the local council, riding and non riding community to develop a business strategy that allows young, novice riders to learn the sport safely. During this, we have determined we did not have the financial means to fund this ourselves and decided to close the track.

After an outpouring of support and requests for a crowd funding platform, we have decided to offer the opportunity for the moto community to help fund this expensive endeavour.

We want to be clear… there is no guarantee if you donate that we will be successful. Our commitment to you is to be transparent on where the spending goes, and use the funds as intelligently as we possibly can. We will pursue this until our financial resources are maxed or we are told the answer is simply no.

The technical stuff:

  • Our council has not “shut us down”. Our track falls under a use that is not permitted within the Town of Erin on any zoned property and realistically, we have been functioning outside of the bylaws since day one. The Town has been nothing but professional with us. Please keep any social media comments respectful to the Town.
  • From what we understand, we have to apply to the council with a formal bylaw amendment that would allow a special provision to amend the bylaw that would allow us to operate. Entering into this process is not guaranteed and many interest groups are going to have to be consulted (GRCA, council, county/province potentially, local stakeholders/residents).
  • From preliminary discussions, the costs of this (that we are aware of) amount to approx $25,000. A list of the costs we have been made aware of are below.

Immediate/Firm Costs

Erin Byalw Amendment Application Fee: $5,000 ($2,000 deposit)

Planner fees for consultation meeting preparation/documents: $3,000 (estimated)

Legal Fees $5,000 (estimated)

Misc (property survey, signage/notices to residents etc) $2,000

Noise Impact Study: $5,000-$10,000

Potential Costs Anticipated – many fees will be determined based on concerns of agents/council but we have been advised by experienced professionals to expect them.

County Byalw Amendment Application Fee: $8000

Environmental Assessment: we have had estimates from $2000-$10,000 depending on what council requires

Additional legal/planner fees: UnknownTraffic Study (unlikely but still a potential)

Other ways to help:

  • Once our application is filed, we will provide various points of contact for you to reach out to show your support. It is important to demonstrate there is a strong support for this locally.
  • Ask your personal network if you know of any professional services listed above that could provide discounts to help our funds go farther
  • Keep it clean. Bashing people who are expressing their right to file a complaint or the town (which we have stated has been great) will do nothing but draw negativity.
  • Sign our petition HERE and put a comment about what this means. PLEASE DO NOT DONATE ON THE PETITION WE DO NOT KNOW WHERE THE DONATIONS ARE GOING

Kevin and I are shocked to find out how much this means to our moto community. We had accepted that it was over until all of the messages from parents, children and other facilities. We will go through the process and do our best to come out the other end successful.

Much love,
Cox Moto Farm