McThoughts: 250 West – San Diego Round 2

By Jeff McConkey


Round 2 of the West Coast 250 series went off on Saturday night. The moisture started coming out of the track in the main events and it got pretty slippery. Even in the slippery conditions, I was amazed how Cooper Webb could just point his Yamaha in any direction and the bike stuck. It was another great ride by the defending champ, and I really don’t see anyone beating him straight up. Let’s take a look at the results, and my thoughts:

250 WEST

1st Cooper Webb: Can anyone on the west beat Cooper? I really don’t think so. It is amazing how Webb can put his Yamaha anywhere he chooses. He can cut down or go high in corners and everything works. He may not go undefeated, but nobody will beat him straight up. The only way I see him not winning a main event is if he’s laying on the ground for a while in turn one. Word on the street is that he has already signed with Factory Yamaha for next year and beyond. I’m not sure why the broadcasters are playing dumb?


#1w Cooper Webb

2nd Joey Savatgy: Joey looked really good out there, but he just can’t match Webb’s race speed. It’s too bad that Joey was in the wrong place at the wrong time last week and Christian Craig jumped into him. He should be on the podium every weekend.

3rd Jordan Smith: When this kid stays on 2 wheels, good things happen. The problem is, he hits the dirt a lot. He rode great for his first ever podium. He will get quite a few more this year.


#39 Jordan Smith

4th Christian Craig: Craig has the natural talent and speed, but for some unknown reason, he’s making big rookie mistakes. I thought he’d be the biggest threat from the Geico camp, but once again I was wrong.

5th Colt Nichols: This guy’s stock keeps rising – invest now! I’d be very shocked if he doesn’t get a ton of inquiries from all of the big teams. Great ride for Colt.


#69 Colt Nichols

6th Zach Osborne: I thought Zach had the win. He has been riding great, but the track bit him and he had a pretty crazy looking crash. He’s a solid veteran and will bounce back.

7th Kyle Peters: It’s looking like Kyle will be the guy with the least, doing the most. Good ride for Peters.

8th Jimmy Decotis: Jimmy had a podium in the bag; he was riding great all day. He will be on the podium soon, and I think he will be leading his team in points, come Vegas.


#58 Jimmy Decotis

9th Kyle Cunningham: Something seems to missing from Kyle. We haven’t seen him show his blistering speed yet. This is not a good finish for a guy with his speed, and who has been in the class this long.

#45 Kyle Cunningham

#45 Kyle Cunningham

10th Chris Alldredge: I really expected more out of Chris this season. Just when we are ready to give up on him, I’m sure he will shock us with his speed.

Biggest Stud: Webb is my stud, his passes last night were incredible. He’s just so exciting to watch.

Biggest Dud: I’m bummed out that Jessy Nelson got hurt mid-week. I think he was the only guy that could show Cooper Webb a wheel here and there. Let’s hope he’s back sooner than later.

Biggest Surprise: Colt Nichols is my surprise. This guy has a great start to the season, and if he can keep it up, I’m sure he’ll land on a big team next season.

Cole Thompson Watch: Cole had a good ride in the main. He moved forward and finished a strong 11th. I’m sure he will be working on his first few laps, and if he can avoid the craziness in the first lap or two, he should be inside the top 10 for sure.

#127 Cole Thompson

#127 Cole Thompson