Monday Morning with Bigwave

By Billy Rainford

We woke up to the ground completely covered in snow this morning here in London, Ontario. When I was young, there never seemed to be any question that we’d have a white Christmas. Today, it always seems to be in question.

I remember as a youngster looking forward to some sort of moto present under the tree on Christmas morning. Talk about easy to shop for. Wrap up a new Fox hat or tee shirt and I was a happy little kid. In fact, I’ve still got the first Fox toque my parents ever bought me! I’ve lost so many things over the course of my life, I have no idea how this little gem has been able to stay with me through the many different moves I’ve made.

I don’t even want to tell you when I got this Fox toque for Christmas! OK, 1982. Yep, you heard me.

I’ve lived in the USA, Vancouver (5 different places), Toronto twice, and countless places here in my home town of London, and yet this toque is still with me. This thing must set the record for ‘bang for your buck’ as far as a gift goes!

When we took a look at the number of ‘clicks’ the Christmas gift idea posts have gotten over the years, we decided we just weren’t getting the return on them we were hoping. With that said, we decided not to post our ’25 Days of Christmas’ this season. If we get one message asking for us to please keep doing them, I will be very surprised.

However, it’s at this time of year when we really want to give back to the many sponsors and supporters of the site and the work we do, so we’ll come up with a way to do that. None of this would be possible without their support, so it’s important to us to make sure everyone knows how much we appreciate it.

In case you didn’t know, Direct Motocross is the spin off of what Racer X Canada was a few years ago. After the print magazine went the way of the dinosaur, Racer X Canada became an online site. When the original members of that site (Jason Griffiths etc.) decided to seek other opportunities, guys like Danny Brault, Martin Anderson-Klutz, and Steve Matthes, took the ball and ran with it.

There it is. The final Racer X Canada cover with Ross Pederson on it.

The name was changed to DMX, but the work ethic and moral template stayed in tact. When Kyle Carruthers took over a few years ago, again, it was a behind-the-scenes change, but the work out front didn’t falter.

I am now finishing the 3rd year as owner of Direct Motocross and I hope I have been able to continue the tradition of quality writing and journalistic integrity that the many great names that came before me put into DMX.

And there’s the old DMX logo.

It’s almost as if Direct Motocross is like the Dread Pirate Roberts from ‘The Princess Bride’ movie! Sean Bowker, do I need to ask you to go online and….GOOGLE IT!?

Anyway, we’re now only 2 weeks away from Christmas and 3 weeks away from the New Year. Man, time flies! If you’re still a youngster or a teenager, you’ll find out what I mean soon enough. But for now, enjoy the seemingly endless school years because somehow time speeds up as you age. Trust me, you’ll see!

With another new year approaching, all we can do here it say that we intend to keep moving forward with new ways to get the Canadian Moto Message out to the public. This is what we do and we will keep doing it. There are so many new things coming along in our sport that we’ll always want to be a part of it in a journalistic capacity. That won’t change.

Direct Motocross will always be here to shine the light on Motocross and Canadian Motocross, first. That’s our tagline for a reason. Yes, we try to cover everything, but, like I’ve always said, “If there’s a Canadian out there racing somewhere, we want to be there to cover it!”

So, thank you to all of you for reading and to all of our great supporters. Without you, there would be no us. If you’re reading this and would like to get your company involved, please contact us and we’ll move forward together. The more sponsors and advertisers we have, the more coverage everyone gets. Our business model is just that simple.

Now, we’re in a pretty interesting time of year. Riders and teams are trying to get themselves set up for the coming race season. 2018 will be a new and different one. With the incoming Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series about to start in February with Arenacross, it means teams and sponsors are trying to get themselves ready for increased support.

From the outside, having anĀ  Arenacross, Motocross, and Supercross series to follow is easy and great. However, it means increased budget from the teams and sponsors to get riders on the gates. The Canadian Motocross stone only has so much blood! Budgets have to be expanded and that’s not as easy as simply sending out a rig to cross the country a couple extra times.

Not everyone will be chasing the $100 000 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown money. We know this. With riders like Matt Goerke, Colton Facciotti, Cole Thompson, and others lining up, some riders will be forced to realize they probably aren’t going to beat these experienced racers on a regular basis and decide not to spend the money chasing a pipe dream. But they might!

Most riders will be trying to get prepared for the outdoor series that will start in late May out in Calgary. For most, summer 2018 will be kind of business as usual – work hard in the winter months and then hit the road for another summer adventure crossing the country. The Arenacross and Supercross series will likely be left to the top tier riders on teams with budgets to get them there as well as Pro riders who are closer to the individual events. Either way, this is a great leap forward for the sport in Canada. Let’s just hope riders get out there and that it translates into putting spectators in the seats.

Want to study all the track maps for the upcoming 2018 Monster Energy AMA Supercross season in high resolution? Well, click the following link and you can do just that:

A1 track map – Saturday, January 6th.

2018 Top 100 and Career Pro Numbers for AMA Supercross and Motocross
* Career Numbers
** New Career Number for 2018

1 – 450MX Eli Tomac

1 – 250MX Zach Osborne
1 – 450SX Ryan Dungey
1 – 250SX West Justin Hill
1 – 250SX East Zach Osborne
2* Cooper Webb
3* Eli Tomac
4* Blake Baggett
5* Ryan Dungey
6* Jeremy Martin
7* James Stewart
10* Justin Brayton
11* Kyle Chisholm
12* Jake Weimer
14* Cole Seely
15* Dean Wilson
16* Zach Osborne
17* Joey Savatgy
18* David Millsaps
19* Justin Bogle
20* Broc Tickle
21* Jason Anderson
22* Chad Reed
23* Aaron Plessinger
24 Dylan Ferrandis
25* Marvin Musquin
26* Alex Martin
27** Malcolm Stewart
28 Shane McElrath
29 Martin Davalos
30 Mitchell Harrison
31 Colt Nichols
32 Christian Craig
33* Josh Grant
34 Weston Peick
35 Austin Forkner
36 RJ Hampshire
37 Fredrik Noren
38 Luke Renzland
39 Kyle Cunningham
40 Chase Sexton
41* Trey Canard
42 Dakota Alix
43 Sean Cantrell
44 Lorenzo Locurcio
45 Jordan Smith
46** Justin Hill
47 Jimmy Decotis
48 Henry Miller
49 Nick Gaines
50 Dan Reardon
51* Justin Barcia
52 Mitchell Oldenburg
53 Bradley Taft
54 Phil Nicoletti
55 Vince Friese
56 Anthony Rodriguez
57 John Short
58 Matt Bisceglia
59 Cole Martinez
60 Benny Bloss
61 Heath Harrison
62 Justin Cooper
63 Hayden Mellross
64 Michael Mosiman
65 Gannon Audette
66 Cameron McAdoo
67 Justin Hoeft
68 Justin Starling
69 Tyler Bowers
70 Jesse Wentland
71 Josh Mosiman
72 Joshua Hansen
73 Brandon Scharer
74 Jon Ames
75 Noah McConahy
76 Kyle Peters
77 Ryan Surratt
78 Ronnie Stewart
79 Nick Schmidt
80 AJ Catanzaro
81 Chase Marquier
82 Cody Williams
83 Cole Thompson

84 Scott Champion
85 Joshua Cartwright
86 Dylan Merriam
87 Dylan Wright
88 Paul Coates
89 Jerry Robin
90 Dakota Tedder
91 Alex Ray
92** Adam Cianciarulo
93 Mark Worth
94* Ken Roczen
95 Joey Crown
96 Zack Williams
97 Cade Clason
98 Ryan Sipes
99 Dillan Epstein
800* Mike Alessi

Wow, Dillan Epstein is really taking to Canada! He even went so far as to get just the right amount of points to earn Wayne Gretzky‘s number for 2018. That will go a long way to further endearing you to Canada, Dillan.

Don’t forget to study all the new changes coming for 2018!

Have a great week, everyone. And have fun as the malls get busier and busier. I still consider this “getting a head start on Christmas shopping,” by the way. Lots of time!

Let’s all head into this week with the courage and determination Chris Pomeroy showed last week in Los Angeles when he ‘conquered’ his crippling fear of heights at the Rockstar Husqvarna Media Launch. I’ve got a couple videos to put together from the event. Thanks for reading.