Off the Cuff with Jacqueline Ross | November

By Jacqueline Ross

Off the Cuff with Jacqueline Ross

Greetings, Humans! 

Contrary to what I said in September, Florida was not the place to be in November.  It has rained almost every day, motocross tracks have been flooded, and I’ve contemplated the idea of purchasing a jet ski.  

Normally, I tend to talk quite a bit.  This month, I made it a point to talk less, listen and observe more.  With that being said, a few quotes on signs and books that I read caught my eyes; while words from people vibrated my eardrums.  So I wrote them down. 

Some quotes offered support or made me laugh, while others made me think.  With hopes that a line or two will resonate with you, here’s my top twelve!

“When the roots are strong there is no reason to fear the wind.” – African proverb. | Righteous Scenes Photography photo

Never practice struggling.” – My friend Joe to me during a swim practice.

Keep the faith.” – License plate holder of a car in front of me.

Sorry, I was on a mission.  I wasn’t even looking ahead.” – A lady that almost collided into me in the grocery store.

Hang in there.” – My dad to me after I had a character building day.

Anger is a potent spice.  A pinch wakes you up.  Too much dulls your senses” – The Queens Gambit.

Caution: Free Range Children” – Sign in a persons front yard.

Ten years from now, what would you wish you had done today?” – On a marquee for a local vet’s office.

Don’t Give Up.” – Sign on the side of the road.

Time humbles you and life is just a flick of the eye.” – Mike Tyson.

Your perspective will either be your prison or your passport.” – Steven Furtick.

Depend on your feet, you can climb the highest mountain.” – Fortune cookie.

Until next time,