Photo Report | AMO Ontario Provincials Round 1 at Gopher Dunes

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

Presented by Troy Lee Designs

It felt so good to be headed down the highway to my happy place to see everyone else at their happy place, too. Racing is back here in Ontario and it was Round 1 of the AMO Ontario Provincial Championships at Gopher Dunes this past Sunday.

With the Canadian Triple Crown Series getting ready to start in a couple weeks, I knew there would be a lot of riders in Courtland to get a few gate drops before it did. I say I knew there would be a lot but I didn’t expect to see what I saw as I approached the track. The entire parking area was full, and then some!

I’ll post a full Cash Class (that’s what the Pro/Am class is called) photo report later. This report is going to concentrate on all the amateur riders who are beginning their march toward the TransCan at Walton Raceway in August.

My apologies for not making it over to the new Pee-Wee track this weekend.

Let’s get rolling in the order they appear in the results HERE

The Cemovics sum up how everyone felt to be back at the races. I’m telling myself this was just their reaction to seeing me…
Let’s get going…no, wait, give me two minutes, Robbie Quantrill…
That’s #211 Jack Wright on his way to 2-1 victory in the +25 class. Liam O’Farrell won the first moto but is shown as a DNF in moto 2. Jack also won the 2-Stroke class (1-1).
#174 Hayley Vanderzanden finished 3-2 for 3rd in Ladies B 12+. #98 Hannah Dubois took the win (1-3).
#99 Brett Cormier traded wins with #122 Mike Judge to take the Vet 40A class win.
#95 Bill Wallin took both motos in the 50+ class for the win.
#619 Zachary Owczarzy took both motos in the 65 (10-11) class.
#2 Tyler Gravel going by #22 Jonathan Bergeron on the ground. Tyler took 2nd in the class while Jonathan took 2nd in the 65 Open class which Owczarzy also won.
Young #76 Ben Kongmany thinking about his future.
There were a couple dominant performances in the skill classes. #164 Wyatt Kerr won all of his Intermediate motos
And #46 TJ Scott won all 6 of his Junior motos. They will both have their eyes focused on Walton in August.
I enjoy watching #549 Chase Miller ride. He’s always giving it 100% out there.
#16 Nolan Tales went 1-1 in Open Beginner for the win.
#751 Jason Flury was 2-1 for the Youth (14-24) win. #464 Carlos Ponce took the first moto win but was a DNF in moto 2.
#416 Brandon Rodwell won +30B with 1-1 motos.
#738 Steve Simms is the man behind the SSR Gas Gas TLD effort this season and finished 2nd in the class with 2-5 motos.
And #122 Scott “Donk” Donkersgoed is the man behind some of the freshest bikes at the track at Dialed MX. He was 4th (4-4).
#213 Kenny Bland blasting off in the Vet 40B class. He finished 5th (4-7). #501 Nick Jovanovic took the win (1-2).
Enthusiasm was high before that one. Love it!
Watching #138 Dylan Rempel smash the track at the end of the day in the 85 (12-16) class was cool. He finished 1-1 ahead of #613 Cole Pranger (2-2). #113 Brenner Lammens took the younger 85 class (1-1).
Sitting on the bank waiting for a moto.
#7 Brook Greenlaw took the win in Ladies 12+ (1-2). #92 Bella Morgan missed the start of moto 1 (you see her blasting by me in the Cash Class moto 1 video) and then got DQ’d (DQ-1 for 6th).
#92 Bella Morgan took the win in the Girls (9-16) class by winning both motos.
Stay with me…I didn’t get a shot of #111 Gavin Forsbrey who won the Supermini class after finishing 3rd in his heat and then winning the main. This is a photo of #613 Cole Pranger who looked great winning his Supermini heat and then taking 6th in the main. This is a shot of him in the 85 class. I told ya… I shot video of the Supermini main and so I missed photos. Video will be up ASAP.
Yep, he’s wearing that TLD gear, and guess what his number is? I’m serious.
This guy pulled up and parked right beside me. You know which band is from Hanna, AB, right? It’s just too early in the season for this!
With so many riders, the day went very late. For all I know, Robbie is still turning the board sideways as you read this!
I think #26 Ayrton Pomeroy grew a 12 inches since I saw him last!
Kyle and Nathan Snelgrove get the honours this time: “See you at the races...”