Photo Report | MXGP Saturday – EMX Racing and Stuff

By Billy Rainford

Presented by Race Tech

We’re over here in Italy for the final two rounds of racing in the 2021 MXGP series, featuring our own #109 Dylan Wright. These last couple races will be held at Mantova MX, the same track that hosted this year’s MXON.

Saturday was the amateur racing in two classes called EMX 2-stroke and EMX 250. Here’s a look at some of what happened.

The day started with us hanging out in the Honda 114 Motorsports pits as Antoine put some new parts from GDR on Dylan’s race bike.
Dylan worked away getting his Oakley goggles dialled for Sunday.
#3 Romain Febvre will run the red plates with Jeffrey Herlings and Tim Gajser right behind him. Gajser is 1 point off while Herlings is behind by 3. This is the closest final rounds of battle the series has ever seen.
The rigs are super cool and super clean over here.
We walked past the SM Action rig to say hello. This was the gang who hosted Team Canada at the MXON this year.
While Carl chatted her up, I was informed that the beer is still kept in the bottom shelf of the fridge.
We headed over to see Boston Calder. Boston now lives in Austria and works for WP Suspension. I did a video interview with him to find out everything that’s new with him.
I’m going to have to come clean and admit I knew nothing about the Fantic brand, but they won the championships in both classes today.
Getting Jorge Prado and Antonio Cairoli through tech.
We went up into the pit crew scaffolding structure to watch the first couple motos.
Dylan says “hello” to some fans across the property…
It was just a joke, everyone. Dylan knew some folks sitting in the grass way over there.
Dylan had an interview with MXGP-TV’s Lisa Leyland this morning. Hopefully, they show it on the broadcast on Sunday.
#7 Maximilian Spies looks over to the pits to make sure he’s still leading the EMX 2-Stroke points.
Dylan race bike ready for action.
They start the mechanic apprentice program early in Italy.
Toys for Big Boys jumped on board as a sponsor for this round. They deserve some press here. 👍
Spies on the top step celebrating his win.
The champagne celebration.
Not only red plates, but gold numbers for 250 World Champion Maxime Renault.
And a sweet helmet to match!
Boston’s lead photo for our video interview.
Tim Gajser’s bike ready to go.
As you can see, this pose wasn’t for me.
Wash pit photo.
Carl and Dylan getting a bird’s eye view of the action.
3. #60 Brad Anderson from Great Britain.
2. #3 Frederico Tuani from Italy.
1. #7 Maximilian Spies from Germany.
I totally missed the celebration.
But I got this!
I didn’t see what happened to #531 Lilja Rutten, but he obviously rang his bell pretty hard.
#21 Nicholas Lapucci took both moto wins in the EMX250 class.
On a Fantic 250 2-stroke. Say what now?
Here’s mine and most other photographer’s checkered flag photo. This guy really heard it from the MXGP regulars when he came down from the hill. Now that I look, what’s he even pointing his camera at??? See you at the races…