Ryder McNabb Injury Update

By Billy Rainford

Ryder McNabb Freestone Jessica Ten Hagen Photo
Ryder McNabb break tib/fib in Georgia. | Jessica Ten Hagen photo

Unfortunately, the rumours of defending Canadian Triple Crown Series 250 MX National champion #64 Ryder McNabb breaking his leg are true. We mentioned the rumour in the Frid’Eh Update but spoke to Ryder himself afterward.

He was putting in a couple 30-minute motos in Georgia with the Start Racing Yamaha riders on Wednesday. He said he only had two laps to go in his second moto when he had a simple, second-gear tip-over in a corner that ended up breaking his tibia and fibula on his left leg.

He said he wasn’t in all that much pain and they all assumed he’d probably just tweaked it, but went to get it checked out where it was determined to be a tib/fib situation. They aren’t broken adjacent to each other but are off-set on his lower leg.

Ryder McNabb Walton Motocross
Ryder is the defending Canadian Triple Crown Series 250 MX champion. | Bigwave photo

Star Racing trainer Gareth Swanepoel has hooked the Red Bull KTM Canada Fly Racing rider up with a great surgeon in the area and Ryder is scheduled to likely have a plate and 4 screws put in the leg, taking him out of commission for the next little while.

Ryder expects they’ll head home to Manitoba next week to continue working with his trainer to be as prepared as he can be for the series that starts at RAD Torque Raceway in Edmonton, Alberta June 3rd, a little over 9 weeks away.