Christopher DaSilva Injured at Tring-Jonction

By Billy Rainford

Canadian Motocross Nationals competitor Christopher DaSilva was injured in a crash this past weekend at Tring-Jonction MX in Tring-Jonction, Quebec. It was round 1 of the Challenge Quebec Motocross (CQMX) Provincial Championships.

Here’s what happened as Chris explained it on his Facebook page:

We spoke with him this afternoon to see how he’s doing.

Unfortunately, “I’m not doing too well,” is how the conversation started. He was just out of his local hospital this afternoon. After the crash, he was taken to the closest hospital in Thedford Mines but was then transferred to his home town of Saint Jean sur Richelieu.

As of right now, the he is getting a 3rd opinion to break the tie on whether or not he needs surgery. They have also been in contact with the hospital in Montreal, so, when all is said and done, they will have 4 opinions to go off of.

Chris will also get an MRI on his right knee because they think he may have also torn his ACL in the crash.

The Quebec Provincials were the focus for him, but his plan was to race any Canadian Triple Crown Series MX National that didn’t conflict. If all goes well, he said that maybe SX this fall could be an option.

Chris ended our conversation by saying, “Last time we raced Tring Jonction on a Father’s Day, my brother, Michael DaSilva, broke his wrist and got operated on.”

Hang in there, Chris.