Faces at the Races | FWM AX Rounds 1-2 | Presented by Race Tech

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

Presented by Race Tech / AGR Suspension

Here’s our sarcastic look at the people under the helmets and around the grounds at Rounds 1 and 2 of the Future West Moto Canadian Arenacross Championships at Chilliwack Heritage Park in Chilliwack, BC.

It was great to have John Wren back and calling the action at the races again. He’s our “Golden Fog.” (And we’re on board early with our first “GOOGLE IT, BOWKER!”)
And Matt Koeleman was the man behind the camera to complete our trio behind the live broadcast of the races. We’ll be back for the final two weekends, too.
Colby Wellings was in charge of the action.
As always, Steve Sulyok was in charge of the medic situation. Tofino next time, Steve?
Ryan Lockhart was in charge of something, too, but I wasn’t listening…
And in charge of…I don’t think anyone knows…
That’s Fox Racing Canada honcho JC Seitz checking out the riders meeting.
And that’s Atlas Brace co-founder Brad McLean. His son was riding on a track for the first time ever!
Tanner Ward wrapping up the MX School on Saturday morning.
Tanner and Ryan Lockhart put 90 riders through the school.
#174 Zane Mellafont.
There’s at least one future champ in this group.
And it’s Blake Davies by a hair.
That’s #50 Wyatt Hasil.
#81 Christian Plasse made the trip from Eastern Ontario to race and be part of the crew.
#12 Luke Svensson and #30 Devyn Smith were two Intermediate riders who also raced Pro Am Lites.
#574 Charles Charlton and #52 Brock Henry were two more.
Parker Eales making it look easy.
It was great to get our “Brock” count up to at least 3 last week.
Don’t even sit there and pretend you don’t do this.
Jake and Tanner are in the club.
I thought #510 Marcus Deausy had some good races last week.
#10 Braxton Zeitner and #17 Jack Payne. If those aren’t the names of racers, I don’t know what is!
That’s our old friend Pat O’Connor’s son, #981 Nikalis O’Conner. Great to see you back at the races, Pat.
#117 Jayden Debodt took the win in the 85 (7-11) class on Sunday.
JC and Dexter.
Brad and Landon McLean.
That’s #560 Oaklyn Garniss coming in hot with another cool name.
#65 Braxton Becker from Alberta.
#139 Shelby Coe.
Welcome back, guys.
#141 Danny Robertson and #117 Jayden Debodt show some great sportsmanship.
#15 Tyson Dubuc joins the club.
No pressure, #213 Hayden Dupuis, just Teren Gerber and Trystan Hart watching your start style.
#58 Blake Davies and #600 Noah Porter were two impressive Junior riders last week.
Trystan Hart getting a better view of the action.
If you race in BC, I bet you know who these hands belong to.
The Koeleman brothers. Dex is coming off a freak leg break when a tire went on him.
If you’re east of BC and don’t know the name Annalyse Lopushinsky, you will.
Um, Trystan, don’t block the sign. Thanks.
BC has some really fast up-and-comers.
Two-minute hold or a question on the line.
Go ahead and add Cash Riley to the cool names list.
The Riley brothers.
“Ya, you have to check it out: www.directmoto….”
Wyatt also rides the big bike.
I had no idea Paul from LRX Performance was also knee deep involved in downhill skiing. He was a ski tech for our downhill team.
Quick break for a Brock Hoyer FXR ad…
This ends our Brock Hoyer minute.
Unfortunately, we were down to just one Waddell on Sunday after Wyatt crashed and popped his shoulder.
Haha Ya, I get that look a lot…
Love it.
Knuckles after a great race.
Mini Seven-Deuce-Deuce, Madden Arishenkoff took the Tyke 50 win on Sunday.
Rylee Hatt from Calgary, AB.
That’s another Arishenfoff. This time it’s Brody.
Here’s another shot of John at work.
Not the best way for Christian’s weekend to end.
Kourtney Lloyd and Cycle North were the big reasons Tanner was able to make an appearance and is sitting on 1-1 Mains in the Pro Am Lites class.
At the end of racing Sunday night, the mini riders were responsible for piling up the foam blocks…and Blake Davies was responsible for jumping on the pile while, of course, saying, “See you at the races...”

Thanks for taking a look. We’re back for rounds 3-4 November 27-28. See you there!