Photos from TransCan Opening Ceremonies

By Billy Rainford

We made it to Walton Raceway for the opening ceremonies of the 2021 TransCan. It was great to see so many riders and families here from as far away as British Columbia. We broadcast the whole thing live on our YouTube page but it’s taking a long time for it to be uploaded to the page for replay. Here are a few photos from Tuesday.

Head referee Tim Lee opened the proceedings by going over the rules of the TransCan.
There was a good group of people there to check it all out.
It’s great to see two riders who go at it bar to bar on the track hang out off of it.
Ryan Lockhart and Ryan Gauld ran the show.
Ryder McNabb and Liam O’Farrell cam up to tell some stories. Ryder won the Rick Joseph award in 2020 so he’s on the cover of the program.
The Fox Bronze Boot.
Sebastien Racine won the 2020 Bronze Boot so he’s on the back of the souvenir tee shirt.
Easy, Brett, it’s only day 1!
No, it wasn’t high tech, but I think it worked just fine.
The Jetwerx TV crew, Brittany and Kyle Thompson, came up to chat.
Mel and Brett Lee welcomed everyone to their home.
The two Ryans have used Sun In in their hair to bring the #roadtowalton back to the ’90’s. This Ryan didn’t take his hat off.
It’s way too early in the week for me to come up with a witty comment for this shot of Kourtney Lloyd.
Kerri Schuster and Kourtney. It’s gonna be a great week!
We’ll end this with a shot of Greg Poisson’s #245 we’ll be following around this week in the +30 class. Thanks to everyone involved in getting this project off the ground and hopefully not back on it.

Practice starts tomorrow morning at 7:30 with 250 Intermediate starting the racing at 2pm. See you at the races…