$2 Tuesday: Adam Cianciarulo|Loretta Lynn’s 2010

By Billy Rainford

The 2010 Amateur National Championships at Loretta Lynn’s were memorable for several reasons. I have never been in that kind of stifling heat in my life! Seriously, 116 degrees and 100% humidity. The word around the pits was that every other outdoor athletic event in the state of Tennessee had been canceled, but the show went on at Hurricane Mills. Riders were dropping like flies in the oppressive heat and I remember Canadian racer, Ben Toye, spending 2 full days in the RV after melting in the heat of one of his motos.

Probably, no, definitely, the most hyped rider to come into the event was 13-year-old sensation Adam Cianciarulo from Port Orange, Florida.

AC 2010

#92 Adam Cianciarulo had a week he’d rather forget and was gone Friday afternoon. ~ Bigwave photo

Adam had won everything you can imagine heading into the event that year and chose to ride only the Supermini classes against the older kids. I actually got to watch him compete in Florida against 450 A riders at Bithlo on his Supermini and finish 2nd! The hype was well-warranted. Unfortunately, he had a terrible week by anyone’s standards.

People were murmuring throughout the pits about the possible causes of his troubles. Reasons from blown motors, to putting the wrong engine in the wrong bike, to simply folding under the immense pressure were given to explain Adam’s woes.

I remember I did an audio interview with him for Steve Matthes over at Pulp MX and regardless of how his week was going he was extremely friendly and lighthearted.

Adam’s results page for the event:

2010 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National – 8/7/2010 – Hurricane Mills, TN
 Class   Number   Brand   Moto 1   Moto 2   Moto 3   Class Finish     
 28. Super Mini 1 (12-15)  #92  KAW  8th  DNF  DNS  40th
 29. Super Mini 2 (13-16)  #92  KAW  2nd  5th  DNS  28th

It was just announced that he just suffered another setback in his bid to return to former glory. Adam crashed and sustained a broken wrist this past week and will miss the first part of the 250 East Supercross series in the coming months.

I also bring Adam up today because we gave away 4 tickets to the Toronto Supercross and Cassidy Brennan‘s favourite rider is Adam Cianciarulo. It’s unfortunate she won’t get to see him in action after driving all the way to Toronto from New Brunswick. Maybe he’ll be there signing autographs…

Get well soon, Adam.