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#TBT | 2010 Ste Julie Canadian National | EXTENSIVE Photo Report

#TBT | 2010 Ste Julie Canadian National | EXTENSIVE Photo Report By Billy Rainford Wow, I bumped into this 2010 photo report when I was looking for something else using the old Google machine. This is from an MX Forum photo report I did back then. It’s before we separated the race photo reports from ‘Faces at the Races,’ so it’s pretty long, to say the least. Here’s a long

Where It All Began for Me

We’ve all got these stories about where it all began, and this one is mine | Bigwave Sr. photoSince I wasn’t at a race this past weekend and don’t have a bunch of content to go through, I thought I’d use this Throwback Thursday to bore you all with where it all began for me. I know we all have individual stories about the day you got the ‘moto bug,’ and here’s mine.The year was 1981 (yep, you read that right!) and I remember it like it was…a hell of a long time ago!The guy across the street fr

#TBT | Jeremy Medaglia at the 2012 MMRS Madoc National

#TBT | Jeremy Medaglia at the 2012 MMRS Madoc National We haven’t seen #14 Jeremy Medaglia at the races since the 2nd round of the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals at the Wastelands in Nanaimo, BC. With the 6th annual MMRS Madoc National set to take place this weekend, we thought we’d have a look back at the year Jeremy showed up and won a large chunk of the purse. Jeremy

#TBT|Jeremy Medaglia OMS KTM 2009

#TBT|Jeremy Medaglia OMS KTM 2009 By Billy Rainford With Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing rider, #14 Jeremy Medaglia, getting back to racing action this weekend at Gopher Dunes, we figured we’d throw back to him trying out his Orange Motorsports KTM from way back in the fall of 2009. Good luck this weekend, Jeremy.

#TBT 2011 DMX Canadian MX Weekly

#TBT 2011 DMX Canadian MX Weekly By Billy Rainford Wow, what can I say? This is funny to look back on! Back in 2011, Kyle Carruthers, James Lissimore, and I did weekly live video shows with pre-recorded interviews thrown in and many live guest appearances all across the country during the Pro Nationals. Our biggest battle was solid and reliable internet and I remember we spent a lot of our