Marco Cannella Update

A lot of people were wondering why #46 Marco Cannella wasn’t on the line at round 2 of the 2019 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Tour SX Series in Quebec City a couple weekends ago, us included.

It was difficult to get a straight answer out of the team, and we joked about everything from a spark plug issue, to the season being too long for him, to, like in hockey, an “upper body injury.”

Well, it turns out Marco got poison ivy working outside his house.

It happened the Sunday before the QC round. Marco woke up Monday morning and it was pretty bad. By Wednesday, his arms were a mess and it had spread to other areas of his body. On Friday, he couldn’t even straighten his right arm and it was obvious he wasn’t going to be able to race that round.

Poison ivy took Marco Cannella out for the Quebec City SX round.

Since then, it’s gotten a lot better and he’s been riding some SX at Cole Thompson‘s place in Brigden, ON while also continuing to work.

The good news is that the Royal Distributing FXR MX101 Yamaha rider will be on the line in Hamilton to close out the season, just minutes from his home in Waterdown.

Marco has dropped to 15th in the SX standings and sits 5th overall in 250 Triple Crown points.