Red Bull Outliers Saturday in the Alberta Badlands | All You Need to Know

Red Bull Outliers is a mass start multi discipline Hard Enduro competition for professional and amateur motocross athletes. Building on the success of the first edition of the race in 2019 in Downtown Calgary, this year, Red Bull Outliers will take place in one of Canada’s most historic and unique landscapes, the Badlands.

Hundreds of athletes will test their skills on this challenging terrain and face a gruelling 10-kilometre track. The Badlands will force riders to adapt to the elements as every lap is completed it will close and open a new section. This will force athletes to constantly be taking the hardest route, the Outlier line.

The single day event on August 21 will offer riders of all skill levels with four categories to compete in. With over $13,000 in prizes to win the stakes have never been higher for a race of this magnitude. Due to COVID restrictions, it is important to note that there will be NO spectators allowed on site.

Think you have what it takes to compete in Canada’s biggest Hard Enduro competition. See more details available here and register today!!


There are four different categories that riders can compete in: Professional, Expert, Amateur, and Veteran. Read below for category descriptions:Professional: Riders who have competed as a ‘Pro’ in national, provincial, or state event(s)Expert: Riders with advanced skill level and previous competition experience. Note: riders licensed as a ‘Pro’ in national, provincial, or state series are not eligibleAmateur: Riders with moderate skill level and some competition experience. Note: Riders licensed as a ‘Pro’ or ‘Expert’ in national, provincial, or state series are not eligibleVeteran: 35 years of age and older on the date of the event


  • Timed loop (2-3km) will be conducted during morning portion of Event Day with results used to determine Main Event Round start position.
  • Riders will start individually at 30 second intervals.
  • Qualifying order will be based on Registration order except the top 20 positions will be reserved and assigned at the sole discretion of race director.


  • Main Event Round will be conducted during afternoon portion of Event Day.
  • Riders will be staged in rows of 10 based on qualifying order (i.e. 1st to 10th, 11th to 20th, 21th to 30th, etc).
  • Start procedure will be mass start per classification at time of starting indicator (i.e. cannon and/or flag).
  • Course lap will be approximately 8 to 10km in length.
  • Race duration is intended to be 9 laps or 4 hours, whichever occurs first, or as prescribed by race director.
  • Each lap will become progressively more difficult with the inclusion of new ‘OUTLIERS’ obstacles (i.e., Alternate Lines) on each subsequent lap.
  • Completion of each lap by the leader will trigger each consecutive “OUTLIERS’ obstacles (i.e., Alternate Line) to be opened.
  • Overall Class winners will be determined by:

1) Race position of those competitors whom are able to complete the full course including the eight (8) OUTLIERS variants (i.e., Alternate Lines); or,2) Race position after a 4-hr time cut-off.


  • Motorcycles must be technically sound and in good working order.
  • There are no motorcycle and / or equipment restrictions. As this is closed course event, no special equipment (lights, registration, spark arrestors, etc.) are required. However, any rider with a motorcycle found to be in disrepair will be requested to correct or may be disqualified at the discretion of Head Referee.
  • Studs and/or screws will not be allowed to be used on motorcycle tires.
  • Sound testing will not be implemented. However, any rider competing on an overly obnoxious motorcycle will be requested to correct or may be disqualified at the discretion of Head Referee.
  • The same motorcycle must be used throughout the entire competition.
  • Number plate decals will be provided to each participant. These must be prominently displayed on the Front Number plate and each Side Plate.
  • Official scoring will be performed utilizing transponders. Transponder rental will be available at check-in, therefore a credit card (or cash) deposit of $350.00 will be taken upon receipt of transponder. Competitors may also provide their own which must be a Mylaps MX transponder.
  • Riders already with their own transponders must bring to sign-in and provide the transponder number.


PLEASE NOTE, there will be a mandatory riders meeting on Aug 21 at 9AM, but any questions/concerns can be brought to the attention of event race director: Shane Cuthbertson > > 403-880-4108

  • Any rider found to cut course will be docked position or disqualified at the discretion of head Referee.
  • Riders exiting course for any reason, must not gain a position upon re-entry. Head Referee will have the discretion to dock position or disqualify participant.
  • Outside assistance is strictly prohibited. Any Participant accepting assistance from anyone other than track crew or fellow competitors will be disqualified at discretion of head Referee.
  • Qualifying and overall results will be posted at the event paddock within 30 minutes of Race completion.
  • Protests must be made at the event paddock within 30 minutes of results posting.
  • 1st Gear in pits and Helmets are mandatory while in motion.


The following are the minimum requirements to compete. However, additional safety gear is recommended. Proper selection of helmet and safety apparel is the rider’s responsibility.Mandatory:

  • Helmets must be certified by the manufacturer to meet or exceed the Department of Transportation (DOT) FMVSS 218
  • Eye protection in the form of shatterproof goggles or safety glasses
  • Full-length protective motocross or off-road riding pants
  • Protective boots that are at least 8” high

Highly Recommended:

  • Knee guards
  • Long-sleeved shirt, jersey and/or jacket
  • Chest protector and elbow guards


What do I get if I win Red Bull Outliers? There will be $13,500 CAD in cash prizes.Qualifying:Pro ($1,000)

  • First – $500
  • Second – $300
  • Third – $200

OverallPro ($9,500)

  • First – $3,000
  • Second – $2,000
  • Third – $1,000
  • Fourth – $800
  • Fifth – $700
  • Sixth – $600
  • Seventh – $500
  • Eight – $400
  • Ninth – $300
  • Tenth – $200

Expert ($1,000)

  • First – $500
  • Second – $300
  • Third – $200

Amateur ($1,000)

  • First – $500
  • Second – $300
  • Third – $200

Veteran ($1,000)

  • First – $500
  • Second – $300
  • Third – $200